As you start on the path to getting a divorce in New Jersey, there are some things you should do – and  things you should NOT do. That starts with hiring an experienced New Jersey family lawyer you know  and trust to be by your side throughout this complicated and emotionally charged situation. As you  navigate the divorce process, put our team at Jersey Coast Family Law to work with you. 

Do Not Make These Mistakes When Filing New Jersey Divorce 

As you work through divorce, there are a few warnings that any good New Jersey divorce attorney will  tell you. Consider these common mistakes that could hurt the outcome of your case. 

#1. Do Not Go on the Internet 

Everyone likes to Google everything. The problem is that anyone can post anything online and tell you  that it is law, fact, and the “right” thing to do. The worst thing you can do for yourself at the beginning  stages of filing for divorce (or even as you are just contemplating the process) is to use the Internet to find  out who, what, where and when about your case. 

The only reliable sites for information online are those related to the New Jersey family court system.  Anything but the most up-to-date information on these sites is not considered reliable to use to make  decisions about your future or as a foundation for your case. 

#2: Avoid Texting 

You are thinking about filing for divorce, or you just put the gears into motion. You do not want to text  your ex numerous times. No matter what you feel you need to say, do not do it. If you text them dozens of  times a day, it creates a very bad experience for you – and a record of your excessive communications. 

In some situations, the court can consider an overabundance of texts without viable reasons to be a form  of abuse. The result could mean that the court issues a restraining order against you. That works against  you when it comes to making decisions (especially in relation to fault). 

Only text when there is a need to do so and you do want a record of your communication. Only  communicate facts and brief notes. This is not the place to break into a full argument or offer any type of  update on how you are doing. “The kids will be dropped off at 5 pm at the house on Main.” Simple, direct  information only containing facts is exactly what you need in your texts with your ex. 

#3: Stay Off of Social Media

It is so tempting to use social media as a tool to talk about your divorce situation. It certainly contains a  lot of information that you may be interested in. When you are angry, emotional, frustrated or just ready  to be done with the relationship, it is tempting to try to find out how the other person is doing.  

During your divorce, it is never wise for you to engage in: 

  • Using social media to post an update about yourself, your life, your future, or your divorce. ● Using social media to find out who your ex is dating or what they are doing. ● Using social media to stalk your ex’s new significant other.  

Seemingly simple social media posts can be twisted and used against you during your divorce. Do  not post updates about your divorce, dating status, child custody or other matters related to your  case. Avoid commenting on another person’s posts. If you receive a direct message from someone you do  not know, avoid sharing your life’s story with them. You do not know who that is or who it could be. 

The best bet is to stay off social media completely. Shut down the apps until your divorce in New Jersey  is finalized. 

#4: Do Not Take Any One-Sided Action 

It is also critical to avoid taking any one-sided action against your ex. A one-sided action means taking  one side of a disagreement, question or concern. It means avoiding being partial or unfair. It also means  passing judgment on one side. 

One-sided conversations, such as taking your friend’s side in an argument about your ex, could put you at  risk. The key here is to ensure that you are not engaging in activities that could be seen as hurting or  trying to demean your ex. There is a very fine line between engaging in an activity that is rightfully  expected and taking steps that paint you as the bag person. 

#5: Do Not Do It Yourself 

Many people go to court with the expectation that they can easily file for divorce and navigate the  situation on their own. This is usually not recommended, even if both parties agree on every detail. The  reason is simple: mistakes are costly. 

If you make mistakes during the process of filing for divorce, even if they are simply oversights, they can  be used against you later. Without a family law attorney, you may not know all of your rights and the  obligations you have either.  

The better option, then, is to hire a family law attorney in New Jersey. This gives you access to the one on-one help you need, no matter how challenging your situation may be right now. 

Your Future Is On The Line 

Have you made any of these common divorce mistakes? If you have, and your future is on the line, it’s  time to consider turning to an attorney for guidance. The key is to get help (as that can give you the best 

possible outcome navigating not just the New Jersey divorce process but fixing any of the mistakes that  you have already struggled with. Starting right now. 

Set Up a Consultation with a New Jersey Family Lawyer Now 

Before you make any of the common divorce mistakes listed here or the many others that could occur,  seek out the help of a skilled and experienced New Jersey family lawyer. 

At Jersey Coast Family Law, our legal team works very closely with you to ensure you have full  knowledge of your rights. Take the time right now to reach out to our New Jersey family lawyer to  discuss your needs, whether you have made any of these mistakes or not. Your future is on the line. Let us  help you. Call our office at 732-361-4718. We have offices in Toms River and Red Bank serving clients  throughout New Jersey. 

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