High Net Worth Divorce in New Jersey: Protecting Your Assets and Your Future

Divorce is a challenging experience for everyone involved, but for high net worth couples in New Jersey, the complexities can be even greater. Significant assets, investments, and business interests require careful consideration and experienced legal guidance. At our New Jersey family law firm, we understand the unique challenges you face and are dedicated to protecting your assets and your future.

For high net worth couples involved in divorce cases, we make sure our clients receive the highest possible equitable share of all marital property and that there is no hiding or lowering the value of marital assets.

What Makes a High Net Worth Divorce Different?

While the core issues in divorce – child custody, child support and spousal support – remain the same, high net worth divorces involve additional complexities. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Valuation and Division of Assets:
    High net worth couples often have a diverse range of assets, including valuable real estate, complex investment portfolios, business interests and luxury items. Identifying, valuing and dividing these assets fairly requires expertise in financial analysis and asset valuation.
  • Tax Implications:
    Dividing complex assets can have significant tax consequences. Our attorneys work closely with tax professionals to ensure your divorce settlement minimizes your tax burden.
  • Prenuptial Agreements:
    Many high net worth couples have prenuptial agreements in place. These agreements can significantly impact the division of assets and spousal support. Our team has extensive experience in interpreting and enforcing prenuptial agreements.
  • Business Ownership:
    Owning a business adds another layer of complexity. Valuation of the business, determining marital versus separate property and potential impact on the business’s future operations all require careful consideration.
  • Lifestyle Considerations:
    When accustomed to a certain lifestyle, maintaining it becomes a factor in spousal support negotiations. Our lawyers will advocate for a fair and sustainable outcome that takes into account your standard of living.


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Financial Misbehavior During High Net Worth Divorces

During high net worth divorces, concerns often arise regarding the concealment or misappropriation of valuable marital assets. However, direct instances of hiding assets are relatively uncommon. Clients frequently express worries about funds being hidden overseas or cash components of their spouse’s business being concealed. Despite these concerns, forensic experts engaged in these high net worth divorce cases possess sophisticated skills in scrutinizing financial records to uncover any attempts at diverting funds or manipulating cash flow.

Forensic accountants meticulously examine financial records to assess cash flow, detect any efforts to reduce income or undervalue businesses and other assets for the purpose of lowering asset division. Effective proactive forensic accounting measures often mitigate attempts at financial misbehavior during high net worth divorces in New Jersey.


How Are Business Assets Divided During A Divorce?

Many New Jersey high net worth divorces involve business assets. In New Jersey, during divorce proceedings, a business typically gets divided with the non-owner spouse receiving less than 50% of its fair value. This division is based on legal precedents that suggest the value of a business assessed during divorce, known as fair value, may not necessarily equate to the amount received upon its eventual sale. Unlike scenarios involving independent third-party purchases, where businesses are valued at fair market value, divorce settlements focus on fair value, which may result in a lesser share for the non-owner spouse.


How Can A New Jersey Business Owner Protect Their Company During Divorce?

Cooperation and transparency are essential for protecting your company’s interests in legal matters. To safeguard your company during legal proceedings, the most straightforward approach is to

  • cooperate fully
  • disclose all necessary information
  • and provide the requested documentation to the other party.

Some individuals mistakenly believe that withholding documents or being uncooperative might exempt them from their obligation to share information. However, this behavior can actually lead to adverse consequences, such as court orders, potential sanctions and the appointment of a receiver to scrutinize business records. Such actions result in a more intrusive investigation into the business’s operations and privacy compared to simply complying with document requests upfront.

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