When you deeply love and care about someone, you may be worried about hurting their feelings, saying something that could offend them, or even making the wrong decision that could cause the relationship to go entirely down the drain. Therefore, it can be nerve-racking to consider bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement before taking your relationship to the next level.

However, a prenup does not have to come with feelings of doom and gloom as these documents can strengthen, not weaken, a committed relationship. Most of the negative feelings and reactions that typically surround the topic of a prenuptial agreement are based on misconceptions, such as that the person who asks you to sign one does not trust you, the relationship lacks stability, or your marriage will automatically fail. Regardless of the false misconceptions you have heard, these documents are actually not anti-romantic at all but, instead, are a sign that the couple simply wants to ensure their future is secure.

Dispelling Myths About Prenups

As mentioned, prenups usually come with a lot of myths and misconceptions. It is up to you and your partner to throw out those stigmas and embrace your prenuptial agreement. To take a step forward to successfully do this, you must be aware of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding these documents and eliminate all your doubts, fears, and wrong ideas about them. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions that you should address and dispel before signing a prenup:

  • They are only for the wealthy:
    When many people hear the term “prenup,” they think of couples with a lot of money or wealth, such as actors and actresses, sports players, artists, singers, and other celebrities. However, couples with any type of income level, background, and earnings can create and enforce a prenuptial agreement. It does not matter how much money you have; the goal of the prenup is to resolve any disagreements that you and your partner may have regarding the money, assets, and belongings that you do have. As a result, this legal document can save couples a lot of time and money spent on fighting or arguing over certain belongings in the future.
  • They show a lack of trust in the relationship:
    Another common myth or misconception surrounding prenups is that they lack trust in the relationship. However, this could not be further from the truth. Prenups can open the door for the couple to build more trust within one another by talking and communicating about personal finances. As a result, the couple will feel more confident knowing their future spouse’s financial situation, which can also make them feel much more secure knowing that their partner wants to protect their financial interests.
  • They guarantee a divorce:
    A lot of couples believe that if they sign a prenup, it will guarantee a divorce. However, a prenuptial agreement is a document created to help you and your partner establish your wishes, desires, and needs regarding your financial future. That said, you will develop a detailed plan with your New Jersey divorce lawyer to clearly explain your financial goals and expectations. Some of the different factors you may discuss are bank accounts, assets, properties, vehicles, collectibles, and anything else you or your partner may have.
  • They are impossible to enforce:
    While we cannot say that prenuptial agreements are always enforced, these documents are enforced most of the time. If your prenup is not enforced, there is likely a good reason behind it, such as you or your partner being forced into signing it. The court will explain why your document could not be enforced, and your attorney will work with you to determine a solution.

Why Prenups Are Beneficial for New Jersey Couples

New Jersey couples who sign and agree to a prenuptial agreement do not have to worry about overwhelming litigation if they ever become separated or divorced. This is because their most prized possessions and belongings were already discussed and situated before they were married, meaning that their plans are already in place and must be followed according to the agreement. Therefore, with the help and guidance of a New Jersey Family Lawyer who has experience in prenups, couples can avoid the possibility of long and exhausting legal conflicts and disputes that may arise in the future. If you are thinking about establishing a prenup but are not sure whether it is the right choice for you and your partner, these are some of the reasons why prenups are beneficial for New Jersey couples:

  • They protect individual assets.
  • They define financial expectations and responsibilities.
  • They predetermine alimony and asset division in case of divorce.
  • They provide clarity and avoid uncertainty during emotionally charged situations.
  • They encourage open communication and financial transparency.

Five Key Prenup Considerations for NJ Couples

When considering a prenup in New Jersey, there are five important factors that you must be aware of, such as:

  1. You should bring up the topic of a prenup when you feel like you and your partner are ready to take the relationship to the next step. This document is private between two individuals who are planning to get married. Therefore, if you believe that your relationship has become serious and you are preparing to tie the knot, discussing a prenup is highly recommended.
  2. You and your partner should seek independent legal counsel. While you both may enjoy doing everything together, this is something that you should consider doing separately. Having your attorneys review the document ensures that your interests are considered.
  3. When discussing the prenup, it is highly suggested that you and your partner disclose all your financial interests transparently. If you hide or leave anything out, it will not be included in the prenup, which could show that you were dishonest at the beginning of the relationship and negatively affect your financial future.
  4. Before you sign anything, you should ensure that a lawyer properly drafts and reviews the prenup document. If you do not take this step, the agreement will not be legally binding, which means it will not be enforceable.
  5. Lastly, you and your future spouse must take the time to update the prenup as necessary throughout your marriage. If you receive any gifts, collect any debts, or make any big purchases in the future, you must ensure that your prenup includes these factors.

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