January Is Divorce Month: Why New Year’s Resolutions Can Lead to Divorce in New Jersey

The confetti has settled, the champagne flutes are rinsed, and a fresh new year stretches before us. New Year, New You is a popular New Year goal, with resolutions such as “work out daily”, “eat healthy” or “lose weight.” For some New Jersey residents, January isn’t just a time for resolutions; unofficially January is Divorce Month. While the nickname may sound dramatic, there’s a surprising amount of truth behind it.

As a family law and divorce attorney in New Jersey, I’ve seen firsthand the surge in consultations and filings that typically happen in the first few weeks of the new year. But why does this happen? Is it simply societal pressure to “start fresh” that triggers such drastic decisions? The answer, like most things in life, is a bit more nuanced.

Holiday Hangover:
The festive season, despite its joys, can be a pressure cooker for any relationship. Tight schedules, financial strain and extended family dynamics can magnify existing cracks in marriages. The forced, close quarters of holiday gatherings can expose unresolved issues and exacerbate tensions. For some couples, the return to normalcy in January serves as a stark reminder of these unresolved problems, prompting them to consider a fresh start through divorce.

Resolution Reflections:
New Year’s resolutions often lead to introspection and self-evaluation. As individuals ponder their personal goals and aspirations, they may also reassess their relationships. This honest internal audit can bring hidden incompatibilities and long-buried frustrations to light. For some, the realization that their current marriage doesn’t align with their desired future becomes the catalyst for making a difficult decision.

A Time for Transition:
January marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. This symbolic nature can empower individuals to make significant changes, including ending a marriage that no longer serves them. Additionally, the period after the holidays often sees renewed financial and legal activity, making it a more practical time to initiate divorce proceedings.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom:
While January may see a rise in divorce filings, it’s important to remember that this statistic doesn’t tell the whole story. For many couples, the new year provides an opportunity for honest communication, relationship repair and renewed commitment. The introspective lens of resolutions can also lead couples to seek therapy or other forms of support, strengthening their bond and solidifying their marriage.

The Takeaway:
If you’re facing marital challenges in this post-holiday period, remember that you’re not alone. Seeking professional guidance from a qualified family law attorney can help you navigate your options and make informed decisions about your future. Whether you choose to work on your marriage or pursue divorce, the key is to approach the situation with clarity, compassion, and a focus on long-term well-being.

So, while January may be “Divorce Month” for some, it’s ultimately a month of new beginnings and possibilities. Whether you’re looking to rebuild or move on, remember that seeking support and making positive choices can pave the way for a brighter future. An experienced, compassionate New Jersey Divorce and Family Law attorney can help.


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