Our New Jersey Cohabitation Agreement Services

As a leading New Jersey family lawyer firm, we understand that not all relationships are bound by marriage. For couples who choose to live together without getting married, it’s crucial to establish legal protections and responsibilities through a cohabitation agreement.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?
A cohabitation agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of unmarried couples living together. It covers various aspects of the relationship, including property ownership, financial responsibilities and support obligations in the event of separation or death.

A cohabitation agreement is a flexible legal contract where partners can define:

● Asset Protection
● Financial Support
● Coownership of Property
● Parenting Agreements
● Pet Ownership

Unmarried couples in New Jersey are subject to the state’s child support and child custody laws even when there is a cohabitation agreement in place.

Why You Need a Cohabitation Agreement in New Jersey
In New Jersey, unmarried couples who live together may be considered domestic partners. While there are legal rights afforded to domestic partners, they may not adequately address all aspects of your relationship. A cohabitation agreement allows you to customize the terms of your partnership to fit your unique circumstances and protect your interests.

Serving Clients Throughout New Jersey

Our Cohabitation Agreement Services
As experienced New Jersey family lawyers, we specialize in drafting comprehensive cohabitation agreements tailored to meet the needs of each client. Our services include:

● Legal Consultation:
We provide personalized consultations to understand your specific situation and objectives.
● Drafting and Review:
Our team will draft a thorough cohabitation agreement that addresses all relevant issues and ensures your rights and interests are protected. We also offer comprehensive review services for agreements prepared by other parties.
● Negotiation and Mediation:
If necessary, we can assist in negotiating the terms of the agreement with your partner to reach a mutually acceptable arrangement. Our mediation services facilitate constructive communication and resolution of potential conflicts.
● Legal Representation:
Throughout the process, you can rely on our skilled attorneys to provide professional representation and advocacy to safeguard your legal rights.

Learn More About Cohabitation Agreements
Jersey Coast Family Law will ensure that your cohabitation agreement is drafted correctly so that it can be upheld in New Jersey family law courts; improperly drafted agreements may not be enforceable and could result in costly litigation.

The experienced Ocean and Monmouth County cohabitation agreement attorneys at Jersey Coast Family Law can help you with the cohabitation agreement process. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced New Jersey family lawyers to discuss your options and take proactive steps to safeguard your future.

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